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Topic Of The Day

Now that we got that out-of-the-way let’s get down to what you are here for and that’s to read about basketball.

Topic of the day The New York Knicks. According to’s Adrian Wojnarowski¬†and Ramona Shelburne Reports have come out that New York have paused trade talks for Carmelo Anthony.

This report made no sense what so ever and is another example of the circus that is going on in The New York Knicks organization.

The New York Knicks have been trying to move the 10x NBA All-Star for quite some time and have had no luck.

Anthony holds a no-trade clause which allowed him to control his fate on who he would be traded to.

Anthony agreed to waive his no-trade clause if he was sent to either The Houston Rockets or The Cleveland Cavaliers.

Reports prior to New York pausing trade talks where that Houston and New York were on the two-yard line with completing a deal.

We see that they blew it in the red zone, New York have put themselves in between a rock and a hard place.

After bad mouthing Anthony for this long it is foolish to pull back now, New York wants to go young it’s the reason they won’t take Ryan Anderson from Houston.

By all means I respect the want to restart and go young some times you just have to blow it up.

End Game

New York trying to convince Anthony to stay is foolish!

One, Anthony will not be happy playing for New York. Two, after wasting money on Tim Hardaway Jr.

Signing him to a four-year 71 million dollar contract. The Knicks went out and signed Ron Baker to a two-year 9 million dollar contract.

Yes people that’s 80 million dollars on two players who have never even came close to becoming superstars.

Yes, they are both young but that goes back to why keeping Anthony makes no sense. Signing those two players restricts The Knicks from getting playoff free agents.

Which means that New York will be the same team as last year and show the world that New York has no idea what they are doing.

Taking Anderson is not ideal but Anderson but asking for Chinanu Onuaku would have had to be enough.

The Knicks can not keep Anthony on this team it’s time to settle and embrace the fact that you can’t win this battle.

New York welcome to The Underdog life and like an Underdog always says…. Our Time Is Coming!

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